Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Thanks to my sweet husband, we got to go on a GREAT spring break trip to Key Biscayne.  Now it seems like months ago, but we loved every minute of it!  MaDa got to come and play for a few days and GrandPa Bryan came up for a day of deep sea fishing.  We met some great friends and loved the R&R . . . life is good.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Haiti Still Needs Prayer and Help!

Hate that it has taken me so long to post these pictures.  It really hits hard when I realize that I get so busy and caught up in the everyday routine that at times I forget about the suffering and struggles going on in Haiti and in Chili.  According to Phil, it is obvious that a lot of people have forgotten what this country in enduring.  The news media has moved out and he saw very few Aid trucks while he was there.  Phil said it is amazing how many supplies have been shipped there, however they are not getting delivered to the people that need them.  One of our favorite photos is of a couple of precious children that were in the orphanage on the 2nd level of the hospital Phil worked out of.  The orphans ranged from ages 3 months to 5 years.  They were being cared for by a 86 year old lady who was not in great shape herself.  They said that a 4 year old was mixing formula and giving it to the babies - amazing.  Hopefully these pics can be a reminder for us all to keep praying and if possible, help. . . . life is good.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Haiti picks coming soon

Been meaning to get some great photos Phil was able to take while he was in Haiti posted but it has been non-stop since he got home.  We will transfer them to the computer and hopefully post them this weekend.  He was so glad for the opportunity to go, but at the same time we are sad about the huge continued need there and the lack of media coverage now.  Phil said there are many supplies, meds, etc. that have been generously donated and sent but a lot of it has not been distributed.  I will describe more of the trip as soon as we get the photos up.

Today was one of those "not good parent days" . . . . Got called to the principals office with Preston - I was horrified.  I would have rather heard he was disruptive in class, had punched someone - anything other than what I heard . They said that a couple of boys had gotten very upset and hurt because Preston was not treating them kindly.  The one thing above all that I try to teach them - I have cried all day.  Then, to top it off, I caught my precious daughter in a lie.  After two hours of explaining the importance of always telling the truth, owning up, being honest, and even explaining about Pinnochio's noise growing she finally came clean.  I am exhausted and sad.  At least it is Friday . . . life is good.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost Home

Just got a call from Phil and he made it to Miami and is about to board a flight to Dallas.  He said there was another quake last night and he definitely felt it.  He doesn't think it caused further injuries, but we need to pray that the aftershocks stop!  Didn't get to talk to him long, but he said it was an amazing experience and that he was so glad he got to go . . . I will update tomorrow after we have heard about everything . . . life is good.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bags made it!

Happy to report that I got a text from Phil and all the bags made it!  Life is Good.


Phil made it to Haiti this morning except the bags he checked did not make it.  They were filled with meds, food, etc. so we are praying they get on the next and last flight into Haiti this afternoon.  Some of Dr. Hobar's bags are still missing as well and they arrived yesterday - hopefully they will get them all today!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, I never understood people talking about post-pardom depression but I think I get it now . . . except mine is post-event depression.  We had such a fun, crazy week despite being in limbo about where we are going to live, etc. Preston turned 8 today and we have had one awesome 24 hour celebration.  B-Day party at Pump it up with both 2nd grade classes - girls and boys and then a boys slumber party and tp'ing the girls houses - we have arrived at a new stage in our life!  The house has been filled with noise and chaos but it was all wonderful.  In the midst of it all, we were rapidly trying to pack Phil for his trip to Haiti.  The last b-day guest left at 1:00 and then Mom, Dad, Phil, and me were stuffing bags and loading the car to take Phil to the airport.  He made it and is on his way to hopefully use all his training and knowledge to help.  As I am praying for his safety and the people he can help as well as thanking the Good Lord for 8 years with Preston, I am having a hard time with "quiet" in our house.  Looking forward to Tuesday when Phil returns with hopeful stories and the kids friends fill the house with laughter, burps, farting noises and fun . . . . Life is Good.   

Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Christmas pics finally!

It has been a crazy month . . . .more to come on that later.  Finally getting some Christmas pics posted - how fun it was to have a white Christmas - atleast for a little while . . . Life is good.